260 vs Bible Memory Peg System

There are a number of great ways to memorize Bible verses and to be changed.  Most people either do topical memory approaches or take on larger chunks like chapters or even whole books of the Bible.  I've tried all of these and have settled on a third way.  The Peg System is an approach of picking a verse from each of the chapters of a book of the Bible to memorize and doing this book by book.  The result is the benefit of the deep formation of memorization with the forcing mechanism of meditation but also a second forcing mechanism of paying attention to the arguments whole books and authors are making in the Bible.  It forces us to account for verses in their context.  

The peg verse that you hand pick from each chapter serve as a stake hold in that chapter and when you come back to the chapter over time you will see other verses pop up that are brought to light by your peg verse and your peg verse will have more depth each time you touch the context around it.  You'll find that you can even be listening to a sermon in the car and as the preacher mentions different different chapters you have a peg verse in your brain will light up with ideas and recognition.

One end result is a real equipping for ministry.  I have multiple degrees in the Bible and New Testament including a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in New Testament and I can honestly say that I have done more for my grip on the meaning of the Bible in the last 3 months of practicing this than years of academic study gave me.  

Remember, don't get intimidated.  Start with a small book and focus on delighting in God's Word.  Some personality types or people with trauma around graceless and demanding Christian institutions are setback by big audacious goals like memorizing 260 verses.  Just take one small book and grab a verse from each chapter and put it in the Bible Memory App.  Make sure you focus on touching the app several times a day so your brain starts to look for its dopamine hits there instead of the news, games, and social media apps.  Then just enjoy God and you'll be growing like a tree by the river banks!

Note: Make sure you mark your peg verses with a yellow highlighter in your Bible.  This will make your paper Bible a place to go for easy review and exploration of the context.