More Memory Tips:  Use Verse Locker with Bible Memory App

Bible Memory Tip:  Use Verse Locker to Launch and Bible Memory App for Review

Everybody needs to learn what works for them and go at a pace that works for them.  As I've been memorizing Scripture I fell in love with the Bible Memory App.  The spaced repetition review and extra features like audio playback and drawing cues are invaluable.  The one thing I wish it had was a mechanism to show you the first letter of each word as a crutch between having read and memorized the verse.  Here is how I've done that myself in Thessalonians: 

I recently discovered that the web and mobile based app Verse Locker actually has this function imbedded in it and I love it!  After you enter a verse you can review it and chose the "initial" option and then hover the cursor over the letter to reveal the word.  I find myself quickly able to get a verse into my short term memory this way.  What I recommend doing is putting verses into both apps and then to use your laptop with tabs open to the same verse on the two websites and then toggle (Command 1 or 2 on Mac) to go back and forth.  If you put your verses from one book into a collection together its easy to walk through them one at a time.  

Not every tip will work for every person but this is the best I've got for you at this point. Hopefully the Bible Memory App will add this feature and become the most amazing and complete app in the universe but until then use both!