Witness:  When Your Tree Gets Fruitful

It should be expected that as passages and truth are internalized in a way that brings delight that this will bubble over into sharing with the people around us and even strangers we bump into and engage in conversation.  When we stand up and cheer at a concert or sports event we do so spontaneously as a full bodied and vocal expression of delight.  Similarly it is unnatural to truly believe in a life changing product or remedy and not share with those around us. Witness completes the loop of delight.  Matt 28:18-20, known as the Great Commission, calls for discipleship that includes the keeping of all of Christ’s commands and this includes the command for the disciple to make disciples themselves.   Witness and all types of ministry are greatly emboldened when we have a confident grip on God’s truth both because we know what is true and we have experienced this truth as what we have tasted and seen and proven true in our lives.  Be A Tree gives us greater authority in witness and ministry.   The image in Psalm 1 is of one that “bears fruit” (vs. 3).  

Meditation opens up possibilities for walking in the Spirit in a way that you may have never experienced before.  As you are formed in your deeper person (thoughts, imaginations, values, affections) and you find yourself saying "yes" to God you are opening up the possibility for a really exciting spiritual life.  That new life will spill over into witness.  

Try taking your memory review with you on a slow thoughtful walk.  Be alert to God's creation around you and let yourself contemplate truths from his word.  As truths come into focus be aware of any people around you.  Don't feel the need to engage people in an awkward way but do start praying over people you see and for the Lord to bear fruit in your life.  Your willingness to be immersed in his reality and to be open to being used by him will definitely lead to opportunities to witness.  If you are new to Christian witness don't feel the need to dump a ton of truth on a person right away.  Listen to them and look for a chance to open up the conversation to the spiritual and to God.  Then let it flow.