Bible Memory Tip:  App and Initial Letters

Ps 7 B t a e t v o t w a m t r s, y, t r G w p m a h   (7:9 Bring)

This is Psalm 7:9 with the first letter of each word including punctuation and capitals.  On the far right side I’ve put the verse numbers and the first word in case the letter B isn’t enough to trigger my memory.  I can do all the verses from Ephesians on one note card and have it with me to trigger memorization and meditation until I don’t need it anymore.  I suggest doing this along side using the app.  Here is a picture of 2 Cor 5:15-17 I had next to my coffee as I drove to Waco yesterday memorizing and meditating (you can also use a tool like this to automatically make your verses into first letter mnemonics).