Intimidated by Bible Memory?  Don't Be!

Bible memory is intimidating for many of us!  Sure, some people get fired up about it and love the huge challenges presented in Be A Tree but then there are normal people who feel inadequate, fearful, and even shame.  Let me try to lower the bar on this whole thing a little where I can...

1) When we say "memorize" in Be A Tree we don't really mean "master."  Its totally fine to make all kinds of normal mistakes.  This is not AWANAs with someone counting your mistakes!  The word order, and exact phrasing that normally trips me up is totally fine.  Don't let it get you down.  

2) If you use the Bible Memory App the way we recommend it actually only asks you to get the verse 90% right for it to say "Nice Job!" and if you get less than 90% it says "Nice Try!"  Thats exactly how you should feel.  

3) One of the biggest reasons not to sweat the mistakes is that the Bible Memory App will keep giving you chances to review in the future and manage how often you need to do that.  Slowly but surely you will grow towards something close to mastery.  

4) Our goal is to touch God's word often and to be transformed by it...if you get a verse under 90% the good news is that you will see that verse again sooner rather than later!

5) If you are being a perfectionist then thats your problem!  You can grow in embracing your mistakes. 

6) Be more worried about what book and chapter a passage is in than what verse its in.  Remember we are highlighting the verses we learn in our Bible so when you flip to the chapter it will pop right out at you.  Its nice to remember the verse because you can quote it in ministry and wittness with more confidence but for me that can come slowly and I don't sweat it at first.

7) If you are doing this in a group you may feel pressure to keep up with other people.  Resist that!  Try to be encouraged by their lives but then to be faithful with your own pace.  I suggest measuring how many times a day you touch the Scriptures in the app, your Bible, and by bringing them to mind and then to really just focus on the quality of meditation (not memorization).  

8) Find ways to memorize that work for you.  I love the drawing function and the audio recording and playback options in the Bible Memory App.  Focus on enjoying the Word of God.  Remember that memorization exists for the sake of meditation.  In fact, memorization almost forces meditation.  The meditation, formation, and witness are the good stuff.  

9) Anxiety and performance issues are baked into the cultural cake of the world we live in.  Relax!  Enjoy the truths in the verses you are learning not because you've mastered and memorized them but because they are True!!  You are not saved by works of the law!  You are exploring the depth of the love of God not generating it through your efforts.

10) Just try it!  Pick a tiny book like Colossians and pick a verse from the four chapters that you feel drawn to and put it in the App and just start touching the app any time you are going for your normal mind candy on your phone.  Review one verse and put it down if you want and then come back again.  Taste and See!