Bible Memory as Sermon Series Companion

Pastors spend a significant part of their work hours preparing sermons to feed the congregation a good meal but how can they make sure the congregation is eating spiritually the rest of the week?  Consider using the ideas in Be A Tree to get your congregation eating and digesting God's word throughout the week.  Have the congregation pick their own verse or pick one out for them and consider having small groups talk about the sermon and Scripture with the added dimension of having memorized and meditated in community.  As we have all experienced sharing Scripture together makes things pop off the page...this happens on steroids when a community has meditated ahead of time.  This shared meditative exploration should naturally shift from the very Western temptation to speculate on and abstract God's word and bring it back to the very world of our lives.  Instead of speculative abstraction we want to share witness and testimony of our real lives having actually fed and even obsessivly delighted in God's Word.  

The possible approaches and variations are endless but consider these directions to get started...

The church should pick a book of the Bible that is planning to preach through and the lead preaching pastor in the weeks before should start to express from the pulpit and various announcement videos that there is an expectation that people will not only listen to the sermons but start working on Be A Tree for the book.  It would be best if the church made a couple of verses with different voices in church leadership demonstrating them doing the following: